Chapter 1: Food-Where does it come from? (Notes)
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The Food

  1. Food is a nutritious substance that living organisms eat, drink or absorb to maintain life processes.
  2. Food is essential for human beings, microorganisms, plants and animals.
  3. Food provides energy to perform work, growth and development of the body, maintain the functions of the body organs and good health.
  4. Different people eat different kinds of food in different times of the day. For example the people from north India prefer to eat paranthas or rotis for breakfast while the people from south India prefer to ear idli or dosa.
  5. There is so much of variety in the food we eat. Some foods can be prepared with just few ingredients and some foods with many ingredients. We also add salt, spices and oil to make our food tasty.

Plants as source of food

  1. Plants are the sources of food ingredients like grains, cereals, vegetables and fruits.
  2. Various parts of the plants are used as food. We eat roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits, and seeds from the plant.
    • Roots as food (Example: Carrot, Colocasia, Turnip, Beetroot etc.)

      plants roots as a source of food, carrot, radish, beetroot turnip

    • Stem as food (Example: Potato, sugarcane etc.)

      plants stemsas a source of food, potato, sugarcane, asparagus

    • Leaves as food (Example: Spinach, Coriander, cabbage, Onion etc.)

      plants leaves as a source of food, Spinach, drum sticks, kale, spring onion

    • Flowers as food (Example: Rose, Cauliflower, Bauhinia etc.)

      plants flowers as a source of food, cauli flower, broccoli

    • Fruits as food (Example: Apple, Banana, Tomato, Grapes etc.)

      plants fruits as a source of food,Apple, Banana, Tomato, Grapes

    • Seeds as food (Example: Paddy, Corn, Wheat, Maize, pulses etc.)

      plants seeds as a source of food, Paddy, Corn, Wheat, Maize, pulses

  3. Some plants have two or more edible (eatable) parts. For example,
    • Mustard seeds give us oil and its leaves are also used as vegetable.
    • Stem, flowers and fruits of banana are edible.
  4. The seeds of the plants give out small white colored thread like structures called as sprouts. These sprouted seeds are very nutritious to eat.
  5. Bees gather nectar from the flowers and convert it into honey. They store honey in their hive. Flowers and their nectar may be available only for a part of the year. So, bees store this nectar for their use all through the year.

Animals as source of food

  1. Animals provide us with milk, meat products and eggs.
  2. Cows, goats and buffaloes are some common animals which give us milk and milk products like butter, cream, cheese and curd.

    plants seeds as a source of food, milk, meat products, eggs, milk products, butter, cream, cheese, curd

  3. Animals which eat only plants or plant products as their food are called as Herbivores. Eg: Cow, Goat
  4. Animals which feed on other animals are called as carnivores. Eg: Lion, Tiger
  5. Animals which eat both plants and animals are called as Omnivores. Eg: Dog, man

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