Political vocabulary: 50 basic terms you must know related to Government Systems
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Humans are politically organized since ancient times. We have been giving names to these organizations and these names have been changing from time to time. Though the names have changed, the basic idea behind all these organizations is ruling the people, protecting the territory etc. Here we bring to the list of 50 basic terms related to government systems with neat definitions. So what are you waiting for let us dig in..... to study and score.

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Term Definition

a system of government in which one leader has complete power and authority over a country and its citizens


a situation in which there is no government or no social control in a country

Aristocracy heriditary ruling class or priviledged minority

a form of government in which one person has complete power

Autocracy, Autarchy, monocracy

a form of government or management in which one person has complete power


a situation in which a state, region, or organization is independent and has the power to govern itself

Banana republic

an insulting word for a tropical country that is considered to have a weak economy, a dishonest or cruel government, and public services that do not work

Big Government

mainly American government that seems to have too much control over people’s lives

Care taker government

a temporary government that is in charge of a country until a new government is elected


a way of controlling a country, company etc in which the main authority comes from one central group of people


a temporary union of different political parties that agree to form a government together


a situation in which one country rules another


a political and economic system in which individual people cannot own property or industries and in which people of all social classes are treated equally


a political and economic system in which planning and policy are controlled by large groups such as businesses, trade unions, and central government


the government of a country that has a king or queen


a system of government in which people vote in elections to choose the person to govern them. Here everyone can vote and share in making decisions


all powerful person or group


government by someone who takes power by force and does not allow elections


two rulers or ruling bodies


Two rulers or officials jointly


The use of the Internet by government, for example to give information to the public or to allow people to vote from their computer


an old word for each of the three groups of people involved in governing a country: the nobility, the clergy, and ordinary people.


a federal political system


elderly man


formal political control or influence, especially by one country over other countries


priests and clergyman

Home rule

a form of government in which people have control in their own country, rather than being controlled by another country or empire


formal a period of time when there is temporarily no one in charge of a country or large organization


showing disapproval a form of corrupt government that allows the ruling class to accumulate great wealth and power while neglecting the mass of citizens


a family, community, or society that is ruled by women, especially one in which women also own and control property


people who have proven skill and intellect

Minority government

a government in which the main party has more members than any other single party but not more members than all the other parties together

Martial law

direct control of a country or area by the armed forces

Nanny state

a government that tries to protect its people and control their lives in a way that stops them being independent


the control of a country by a small group of people

Pantisocracy equality of all the members of the society
Patriarchy men dominated society with the exclusion of women

The state of being governed by a group of rich people


very formal a society that is organized in a political way and that has its own form of government


an arrangement in which two groups share the responsibility of running a government


a system of government by the military forces

Technocracy a system of government by scientific and technical experts
Theocracy a system of government by Priesthood representing god
Timocracy a system of government formed by the citizens possessing property
Totalitarianism a system of government that is centralized and dictatorial
Triumvitrate a system of governmentformed by three rulers or officials

a government that treats people in a cruel and unfair way, using force to control them


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