Top 10 Highest Waterfalls of the world
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A waterfall is a location where the water vertically drops and flows over a series of steep hills or mountains. Waterfalls generally form  in the course of a river. They also occur at places where meltwater drops over the edge of an iceberg. It is actually difficult to come up with a definite list of heighest waterfalls due to various underlying factors. The below list is the one which we found most accurate based on few authentic sources.

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Name Location Height (feet)
1)Angel falls Canaima, Venezuela 3212
2)Browne Falls Fiordland, New Zealand 2744
3)Ramnefjellfossen Fjordane, Norway 2685
4)Gocta Cataracts San Pablo, Peru 2531
5)Kjelfossen Fjordane, Norway 2477
6)Yosemite falls  California, USA 2424
7)Snow Creek Falls California, USA 2140
8)Langfoss Hordaland, Norway 2007
9)Sutherland Falls Fiordland, NewZealand 1902
10)Skrikjofossen  Hordaland, Norway 1837

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