Word Power for competitive exams: From Aa to Ad
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Here we bring to you the most useful topic in all the competitive exams. English occupies major part in many competitive examinations and vocabulary questions are very important in it. This article contains most frequently asked words (Alphabet Aa-Ad only, other alphabets are covered in next few articles) in exams. We have given Pronounciation forms, Definitions, Synonyms, Antonyms, Other related words and an Example sentence for each given word. 

ABATE (Verb)

Pronounce: u'beyt

Definition: Become less in amount or less intense

Synonym: Allay

Antonym: Amplify

Related words: Abator (Noun), Abatable (Adjective)


Pronounce: a'be-runt

Definition: Different from an accepted norm

Synonym: Abnormal, unnatural, atypical, divergent

Antonym: Truth, Sanity

Related words: Aberrance (Noun), Aberate (Verb)


Pronounce: u'bey-un(t)s

Definition: A temporary pause or inactivity

Synonym: Interval, interlude, intermission

Antonym: Continue

Related words: Abeyant (Adjective)

ABRUPT (Adjective)

Pronounce: u'bru'pt

Definition: Sudden unexpected change

Synonym: Sudden, unexpected, rapid, hasty

Antonym: Gradual

Related words: Abruptly (Noun), Abruptness (Verb)


Pronounce: ub'skond

Definition: Run away taking someone or something along

Synonym: Cut and run, go off, make away, decamp

Antonym: Endure, continue, abide

Related words: Absconder (Noun)


Pronounce: ab'stee-mee-us

Definition: Refraining behaviour, especially about food and drink

Synonym: Temperate, ascetic, strict

Antonym: Indulgent, unrestrained

Related words: Abstemiousness (Noun), Abstemiously (Adjective)


Pronounce: ak'se-lu,reyt

Definition: Move faster or rapidly

Synonym: Speed up, intensify

Antonym: Deccelerate, slow, retard

Related words: Accelerated (Adjective), Accelerative (Adjective)


Pronounce: ak'ses

Definition: Find a way to get into a place

Synonym: Recover, retrive, regain

Antonym: Egress, outlet

Related words: Accession(Noun), Accessary (Adjective)


Pronounce: ak'ses

Definition: The right to take advantage of something

Synonym: admission, admittance, entry

Antonym: Egress, outlet

Related words: Accession(Noun), Accessary (Adjective)

ACCIDENTAL (Adjective)

Pronounce: u'bru'pt

Definition: Happening by chance

Synonym: Sudden, unexpected, rapid, hasty

Antonym: Intended

Related words: Abruptly (Noun), Abruptness (Verb)


Pronounce: u'ko-mu,deyt

Definition: Be agreeable or Change to suit a new purpose or have room for

Synonym: Hold, suit, fit, lodge

Antonym: Turn away, turn out

Related words: Accomodation (Noun), Accomodative (Adjective)


Pronounce: u'kor-ding-lee

Definition: Because of the reason or Explanation for

Synonym: Explain, Explicate

Antonym: Inappropriately, Unsuitably

Related words: Accord (Noun), According (Adjective)


Pronounce: u'kawnt for(t)s

Definition: Be the reason or Explanation

Synonym: Explain, Explicate


Related words: 


Pronounce: u'kroo

Definition: Grow by addition, gather wealth over a period of time

Synonym: Increase, change owners

Antonym: decrease

Related words: Accruement (Noun)


Pronounce: u'kw(I)r

Definition: To obtain ownership of something

Synonym: Win, earn, attain

Antonym: Fail, lose

Related words: Acquirer (Noun), Acquired (Adjective)


Pronounce: ak'wi'zi-shun

Definition: The act of obtaining something

Synonym: Acheivement, acquirement

Antonym: Lack, loss, need, want

Related words: Acquire (Verb), Acquisitive (Adjective)


Pronounce: u'kwit

Definition: Pronounce not guilty of crime

Synonym: Discharge, exculpate

Antonym: Convict

Related words: Acquitter (Noun), Acquittal (Noun)


Pronounce: ak'ti,veyt

Definition: Make activate or put in motion

Synonym: Start, turn on

Antonym: Stop, halt

Related words: Activation (Noun), Activator (Noun)

ACUTE (Adjective)

Pronounce: u'kyoot

Definition: Extremely serious or painful

Synonym: Sudden, violent

Antonym: dull

Related words: Acuteness (Noun), Acutely (Adjective)

ADAMANT (Adjective)

Pronounce: a-du-munt

Definition: Extremely determined or impervious to requests

Synonym: Inflexible, rigid

Antonym: Flexible, easy going

Related words: Adamantly (Adverb)


Pronounce: u'di-shun

Definition: The process of combining two or more numbers, things or people

Synonym: Enlargement, Increment

Antonym: Decrease, deduction

Related words: Add(Noun), Additional (Adjective)


Pronounce: a-du-tiv

Definition: Something added to enhance foodpetrol, paint or medicine.

Synonym: Addition, adjuvant

Antonym: Substraction, unsupportive

Related words: Additive (Adjective)

Example sentence: The critical volume provides data which may be tested for additive relations.


Pronounce: u'jey-sunt

Definition: Near by or side by side

Synonym: Neighboring, conterminous, connected

Antonym: Open, unconnected

Related words: Adjacently(Adverb)


Pronounce: ad'mó-nish or ud'mó-nish

Definition:  Reprimand, express disapproval

Synonym: Discourage, council, wam

Antonym: Indicator, flatter, miss

Related words: Admonition (noun), Admonitory (Adjective)

ADOPT (Verb)

Pronounce: u'dópt

Definition:  Choose and follow, as of theories, ideas, policies, strategies or plans. 

Synonym: stick, comply, adhere

Antonym: Pack, abstain, go

Related words: Adopter (Noun), Adoptable (Adjective)

ADRENAL (Adjective)

Pronounce: u'dree-nul

Definition: Of or pertaining to the adrenal glands or their secretions

Synonym: Adrenal gland, supernal gland

Antonym: Cortex, medulla

Related words: Adrenalin (Noun), Adrenally (Adverb)

ADULTERATE (Adjective)

Pronounce: u'dúl-tu-rut

Definition: Mixed with impurities

Synonym: Impure,adulterated, load

Antonym: Pure, empty

Related words: Adulteration (Noun), adulterant (Adjective)

ADVERSE (Adjective)

Pronounce: ad'vurs or 'ad,vurs

Definition:  Contrary to your interests or welfare

Synonym: Untoward, unfavourable.

Antonym: Favorable, good

Related words: Adversely(Adverb), advert(noun) 

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