Word Power for competitive exams: From Ap to Az
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Here we bring to you the most useful topic in all the competitive exams. English occupies major part in many competitive examinations and vocabulary questions are very important in it. This article contains most frequently asked words (Alphabet Ap-Az only, other alphabets are covered in next few articles) in exams. We have given Pronounciation forms, Definitions, Synonyms, Antonyms, Other related words and an Example sentence for each given word. 


Pronounce: a-pu-thee

Definition: An absence of emotion or enthusiasm.

Synonym: Passiveness, numbness, passivity

Antonym: Emotionality, activeness

Related words: Apatura (Noun), apathetic (Adjective)

APE (Noun)

Pronounce: eyp

Definition: Someone who copies the words or behavior of another.

Synonym: Anthropoid-ape,primate

Antonym: Smoker, female

Related words: Apeldoorn  (noun),  aper (Noun)


Pronounce: u'peez

Definition: Pacify or placate (someone) by acceding to their demands.

Synonym: Gruntle, calm down, pacify

Antonym: Sound, noise

Related words:  Appeasement (Noun), appellant (Adjective)


Pronounce: u'per-ul or u'pa-rul

Definition: Clothing in general.

Synonym: Wear, dress, clothes

Antonym: Take, improper

Related words: Apparency (Noun), apparent (Adjective)


Pronounce: u'plI-un(t)s

Definition: A device or control that is very useful for a particular job.

Synonym: Durable-goods, drier, durables

Antonym: Convenient, unavailability

Related words: Applicability  (Noun), application (noun)

APPLICABLE (Adjective)

Pronounce: ap-li-ku-bul

Definition: Capable of being applied, having relevance.

Synonym: Relevent

Antonym: Irrelevent, Inapplicable

Related words: Application (Noun), applicability (noun)


Pronounce: u'por-shun

Definition: Distribute according to a plan or set apart for a special purpose.

Synonym: ration, award, portion

Antonym: Disorganise, take, join

Related words: Apportioned (Adjective), appraise (verb)


Pronounce: u'prIz

Definition: Inform (somebody) of something.

Synonym: Increase, aprize, revalue

Antonym: Decrease, indicate, long

Related words: Appro (Noun), approach (verb)


Pronounce: ap-ru'bey-shun

Definition: Approval or praise. 

Synonym: Approval 

Antonym: Disapproval, dislike

Related words: Apprentice (Noun), approach (verb)


Pronounce: u'prow-pree-ut

Definition: Suitable or proper in the circumstances.

Synonym: Proper, right, pat

Antonym: Improper, repel

Related words:  Approva (Noun), approx (Abbreviation)


Pronounce: u'kwa-tik or u'kwó-tik

Definition: Relating to, consisting of, or being in water.

Synonym: Flora, plant, plant life

Antonym: Mundane, secular

Related words: Aquatic mammal (Noun), aquilegia (noun)

ARC (Noun)

Pronounce: aark

Definition: Electrical conduction through a gas in an applied electric field.

Synonym: Saint-ulmos-light, flashover, corona

Antonym: Hold, fill, charge

Related words: Arbour (Noun), arc lamp (noun)

ARCANE (Adjective)

Pronounce: aar'keyn

Definition: Requiring secret or mysterious knowledge.

Synonym: Esoteric

Antonym: Exoteric, public

Related words: Arch over (verb), arccos (noun) 

ARDUOUS (Adjective)

Pronounce: aar-joo-us or aar-dyoo-us

Definition: Characterized by effort to the point of exhaustion, especially physical effort.

Synonym: Heavy, effortful

Antonym: Unimportant, effortless

Related words: Area (Noun), arduously (adverb)

AREA (Noun)

Pronounce: eh-ree-u

Definition: The surface included within a set of lines.

Synonym: Refuge, heart, high country

Antonym: Cross, closed, abolish

Related words: Area code (Noun), areal (Adjective)

ARID (Adjective)

Pronounce: er-id or a-rid

Definition: Lacking sufficient water or rainfall.

Synonym: Dry, waterless

Antonym: Wet, colourful

Related words: Aridity (noun), Aries (noun)

ARM (Noun)

Pronounce: aarm

Definition: Each of the two upper limbs of the human body from the shoulder to the hand.

Synonym: Human, limb

Antonym: White, underdress

Related words: Arm band(Noun), armed (Adjective)

ARRAY (Noun)

Pronounce: ar·ray

Definition: An ordered series or arrangement.

Synonym: Matrix, column, spectrum

Antonym: Disorganize, leval, close

Related words:  Arrest (verb), arrear (Adverb)


Pronounce: ar·tery

Definition: An important route in a system of roads, rivers, or railway lines.

Synonym: arteria-testicularis arteria

Antonym: Thoroughfare

Related words: Arteritis (Noun), Artesian (Adjective)

ARTLESS (Ajective)

Pronounce: art·less

Definition: Without guile or deception

Synonym: Careless, natural

Antonym: Unnatural, artful

Related words: Aartlessly (Adverb), artocarpus (noun)

ASCETIC (Adjective)

Pronounce: as·cet·ic

Definition: Characterized by severe self-discipline and abstention from all forms of indulgence, typically for religious reasons

Synonym: Ascetical

Antonym: Drinker, voracious

Related words: Ascidian (Noun),  ascetical (adjective)

ASSIDUOUS (Adjective)

Pronounce: as·sid·u·ous

Definition: Showing great care and perseverance.

Synonym: Diligent, sedulous

Antonym: Negligent, idle, careless

Related words: Assign (verb), assigned (adjective)


Pronounce: as·pire

Definition: Direct one's hopes or ambitions towards achieving something.

Synonym: Aim, overshoot, plan

Antonym: Undershoot, hit

Related words: Aspirin (Noun), aspinwall (noun)


Pronounce: as·sem·bly

Definition: A group of people gathered together in one place for a common purpose.

Synonym: Building, construction, fabrication

Antonym: Disassembly, refrain, flora

Related words: Assegai(noun), asserted (Adjective)


Pronounce: as·sess

Definition: To impose (something, such as a tax) according to an established rate

Synonym: Score, grade, evaluate

Antonym: Criticize, deregulate, fall back

Related words:  Assessment (Noun), assibilate (verb)

ASSUAGE (verb)

Pronounce: as·suage

Definition: To make unpleasant feelings less strong

Synonym: Relive, comfort, improve

Antonym: Worsen, irritate, worry

Related words: Assuan (Noun),  assumed (adjective)


Pronounce: asth·ma

Definition:  a respiratory condition marked by attacks of spasm in the bronchi of the lungs, causing difficulty in breathing. It is usually connected to allergic reaction or other forms of hypersensitivity.

Synonym: Bronchial asthma, respiratory-illness

Antonym: Religious-person, resedent

Related words:  Asterope (Noun), asthmatic (Adjective)

ATTENUATE (Adjective)

Pronounce: at·ten·u·ate

Definition: reduced in strength

Synonym: Abate, mitigate, Shrink, thin, undermine

Antonym: Expand, increase, intensify, strengthen

Related words: Attenuation (Noun), attenuated (Adjective)

AT (Preposition)

Pronounce: \ət

Definition: Expressing location or arrival in a particular place or position.

Synonym: Laotian-monetary-unit, kip

Antonym: Dull, death, birth, alive

Related words: Alacritous (Adjective), Alabamian(noun)


Pronounce: u-tur-nee

Definition: A qualified lawyer, especially the one who is involved in court proceedings.

Synonym: Barrister, Counsel, Counselor, Fixer

Antonym: Amatuer, indicate, juvenile, persualde

Related words: Attorneyship (Noun)

ATTRIBUTE (Noun or Verb)

Pronounce: ut-tri-byoot

Definition: To believe that something is caused by a specific circumstance.

Synonym: Ascribe, Impute, imply on definet origin.

Antonym: Crooked, straigth, sharpness

Related words: Attribution (adjective), attributor (noun)


Pronounce: o-dey-shus

Definition: Invulnerable to fear or intimidation

Synonym: Bare-faced, Bald-faced, brave, Daring, Hardy

Antonym: Timid, afraid, cowardly

Related words:  Adacity (Noun), audaciously (adj)

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