Pipes and cisterns-Basic test 2


Two pipes can fill a cistern in 3h and 4h respectively and a waste pipe can empty it in 2h. If all the three pipes are kept open, then the cistern will be filled in___.

[SSC CGL 2004]


Three pipes P, Q, R can fill a tank separately in 4, 5 and 6 hours respectively. Find the time taken by all three pipes to fill the tank when the pipes are opened together.


Three taps A, B, C together can fill an empty cistern in 5 min. Tap A alone can fill in 20 min and tap B alone in 10 min. How long will tap C alone take to fill it?


A cistern can be filled with water by a pipe in 5h and it can be emptied by another pipe in 4 h. When the cistern is full, both the pipes are opened together. Calculate the time in which the cistern will be emptied.

[SSC CGL 2002]


A tap can empty a tank in 1 hour. A second tap can empty the tap in 30 min. If both the taps are operated simultaneously, how much time is needed to empty the tank?

[SSC CGL 2000]


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