Pipes and cisterns-Hard test 1


A tank has a leak which would empty the completely filled tank in 10 h. If the tank is full of water and a tap is opened which admits 4 L of water per minute in the tank, the leak takes 15h to empty the tank. How many liters of water does the tank hold?

[SSC CGL 2007]


A water tank has three taps A, B and C. A fills four buckets in 24 minutes, B fills 8 buckets in 1 hour and C fills 2 buckets in 20 minutes. If all the taps are opened together, a full tank is emptied in 2 hours. If a bucket can hold 5 liters of water, what is the capacity of the tank?

[CAT level]


Two pipes A and B can fill a tank in 24 minutes and 32 minutes respectively. If both the pipes are opened at the same time, after how long should pipe B be closed such that the tank is filled in 18 min?


In what time a cistern be filled by three pipes whose diameters are 1cm, 113cm, 2cm running together, when the largest alone will fill the tank in 61 min. The amount of water flowing in by each pipe being proportional to the square of its diameter?


Two pipes P and Q will fill a reserviour in 24 hours and 32 hours respectively. if both pipes are opened together, find when the first pipe must be turned off so that the reserviour may be just filled in 16 hours.


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